Playlist DJane VeraCrux & Bonepeeler vom 12.05.2012


Set1 VeraCrux

The Hermit Angels Of Liberty
From the Inside A Split-Second
Kyoto Song The Cure
Dein Gott ist Tot Limbo
City Lights (13 Version) Little Nemo
Fate Behind The Scenes
Chinese Black The Neon Judgement
Cimmerian Rosetta Stone
Number I Clan Of Xymox
Failed Disaster The Fair Sex
We Are Glass Gary Numan
Figures Absolute Body Control
Personal Jesus Depeche Mode

Set2 VeraCrux

Das Ich Im Ich [And One remix] Das Ich
Be My Army Signal Aout 42
Lost Rotersand
Ritual Noise Covenant
Precipice (Unreleased) VNV Nation
Body Machine Body Leæther Strip
Links Rechts Links Digital Factor
Nuclear Winter Krystal System
Dressed In Black Miazma
Brandon Lee The 69 Eyes
We love to The Merry Thoughts
Dead Man‘s Chill Danielle Dax
Kinski Is Dead The Eternal Afflict

Set3 VeraCrux

Master And Servant Depeche Mode
Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Devision
Fire in Cairo The Cure
Saturday night special Fad Gadget
The Quickening Psyche
Digital Love Felix Marc
Reveal A Spell Inside
Allegiance Spetsnaz
Dried Out Titans
Surrender Chrom
Paper Tigers The Chameleons
A Way Bolshoi
She Loves Me The Cassandra Complex


Set1 Bonepeeler (Reihenfolge ohne Gewähr)

Butterfly Dance Diary of Dreams
Zauberschloss In Strict Confidence
Burning Out Diorama
Sanctified Nine Inch Nails
Phenomena Of Visitation Die Form
The Anvil Visage
Lucretia My Reflection Sisters of Mercy
Stay with Me The Mission
Cities in Dust Siouxsie & the Banshees
Beautiful Logic Strings Project Pitchfork
Drama in the Subway A;Grumh
Testure Skinny Puppy
Collapsing New People Fad Gadget
U-Men Front 242
Another Way Home Data-A-Bank
Banging Down Your Door Fixmer/McCarthy
Shouts of Joy And One
Edges Solitary Experiments
Grobian :Wumpscut:
Full Moon Anne Clark
Spit it Out IAMX
Love Never Dies Apoptygma Berzerk
New World Order Girls Under Glass
Gotteskrieger Heimaterde
Ruptura Hocico
Mammonism X-Fusion
Vollrauschfetischist Agonoize
Fatherland The Krupps
Join in the Chant Nitzer Ebb
Hela Din Värld Spark!
Krieger And One
This Faith Clan Of Xymox
The Bog (Dance Mix) Bigod 20
L’ Aventurier Indochine
Dancing like a Gun John Foxx
I hate Berlin Second Decay
Rock Me Amadeus Falco
Never Trust a Klingon S.P.O.C.K.
My Defender Mesh
Lovesong The Cure
Under Your Skin Silke Bischoff
Black Planet Sisters Of Mercy
Thorns :Wumpscut:
Whispers in the Shadows The Vyllies